Senior Project Manager, Former Refugee, Director, President

Born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, Sam’s journey to Australia is a testament to resilience and determination. Faced with personal threats from ISIS in 2013, Sam sought refuge in Turkey before arriving in Australia on a Humanitarian Visa in 2015. Despite the initial challenge of finding a job in the engineering industry without local experience, Sam’s unwavering spirit saw him pivot his career path. He completed an Advanced Diploma in Interpreting from RMIT University while juggling roles as a Catering Assistant and volunteering at AMES Australia. His persistence paid off when he joined the Career Seekers Program, which led to an internship at GHD, a leading engineering consultancy in Australia.

Sam’s career trajectory soared from there, quickly ascending to the role of Senior Project Manager at GHD. Sam has contributed to some of Australia’s most significant infrastructure projects including the North East Link Project, Geelong Fast Rail, Melbourne Airport Rail, and the Inland Rail projects. His exemplary dedication and project management skills earned him and his team a National Award from the Australian Institute for Project Management in 2019.

Beyond his engineering accomplishments, Sam is deeply committed to social advocacy. As an Executive Director at the Tawasul Foundation (Tawasul), Sam works tirelessly to promote multiculturalism in Australia. Tawasul’s mission is to bridge cultural, religious, and ethnic divides, fostering understanding and acceptance across diverse communities. Furthermore, as President of the Australian Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Advocacy Network (AACSAN), he champions the rights and well-being of the Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriac communities. His efforts with AACSAN have been instrumental in resettling refugee families in Australia through the CRISP program, assisting community members in employment, and mentoring the youth to nurture future leaders.

Senior Project Manager and Former Refugee