Dear Prime Minister,

Our vision is for skilled refugees and migrants to be able to achieve their full economic potential in Australia. Despite critical workforce shortages, one in four skilled migrants in Australia work in jobs beneath their skill level due to unfair barriers.

We call on the Australian Government to work with employers, unions, NGOs and all levels of government to implement five key actions by 2025:

  1. Fix the skills and qualifications recognition system
  2. Strengthen protections for migrant workers
  3. Review the right to work for people on temporary visas
  4. Scale cross-sector partnerships for employment pathways 
  5. Reform English language requirements so they are fit-for-purpose

Implementing these actions is good for newcomers, good for business, and good for Australia. It’s a win-win-win. 

We, the undersigned, urge Australia to realise the Billion Dollar Benefit by ensuring refugees and migrants are given a chance to work in their fields of expertise and contribute billions of dollars to the Australian economy. Everyone should have the opportunity to use their skills and qualifications to reach their full potential.

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