Dr. Mohammad Zubair Harooni, a former United Nations HIV Program Specialist, arrived in Australia with his family in January 2022 after fleeing Taliban rule.

Despite having a 15-year medical career in Afghanistan and a Master’s degree in Public Health, Mohammad faces an upward battle to find employment in the Australian medical sector.

While embarking on the long process of getting overseas qualifications recognised, Mohammad collaborated with SSI to shift gears and find a new career path.

In July 2022, Mohammad gained a Humanitarian Cadet position in Transport NSW’s Infrastructure and Place division. He has excelled in his role and has since gained both a promotion and permanent position in the team.

“At the beginning it was a bit challenging but each day I learn new things and skills, so I just go with it. I am definitely enjoying the role because I always enjoy challenges. Easy jobs can be done any time, but the good thing is I really enjoy challenging work like this.”

While Mohammad is making meaningful contributions to Transport NSW and enjoying his work, he remains determined to utilise his medical skills and experience to positively impact people’s lives in Australia.

“I have aspirations to get back into the medical field but first I have to get some background in Australia and working with government, so if I am in a job and then I can apply for another job in my field of experience in a related area, it will be much easier for me. That is my long-term plan,” Mohammad said.

Meet Dr Harooni
Doctor and Public Servant

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